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Housing data scraping

Web scraping can be used to track the real estate market. Real estate data scraping includes listing agents, brokers, estate agents, houses, apartments, mortgages, foreclosures, MLS, FSBO, building permits, repair and construction permits, or electrical, plumbing, recorded deeds, county-level data and feed it into your systems or receive e-mail notifications.


Real estate data intelligence for business

We transform unstructured real estate data into a useful format and dynamic data that assists people in making better decisions. Crawl-Magic Scraping aspires to be an additional solution for all real estate data requirements. We go through an extensive quality assurance process to ensure the supply of reliable real estate data from across the country.

  • The ideal investment
  • Real-time analysis
  • Increase Your Sales
  • Market Developments

How crawl magic benefits your cause?

To improve connectivity and ensure that the town's resources are properly deployed and exploited, housing data for city planning, transportation, communication, and distribution networks must be collected.

  • Data on Property Valuation
  • Real Estate Market Information
  • Town Planning Information
  • Investment Information
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Users of scrape tiktok

With our Tiktok scraper, you can get unlimited post metadata from Hashtags, Trends, Users, or Music-ID pages, save post-metadata in CSV or JSON files, download media with or without watermark and save it to ZIP files, download one video without a watermark, sign URL for making custom requests to a TikTok API, scrape metadata from a User, Hashtags, or Video pages, manage and view before downloading the posts history, extract and download hashtags

Why crawlmagic is the best data providers?

Crawl-Magic Scraping is a complete scraping service provider. We provide unique, authentic data in the format you require. We will scrape the following data fields for Real Estate and Housing data:

  • Agent Details
  • Reviews
  • Property Details
  • Address, City, State/Zip Code
  • Price Data
  • Images
  • Title
  • URL
  • Seller’s Profile
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