Machine learning

Machine Learning enables businesses to create highly customised solutions based on progressive machine learning algorithms. Crawl-Magic assists businesses in integrating these algorithms with video and image analytics, as well as emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, to gain a competitive advantage.


How Machine Learing is Beneficial with CrawlMagic?

We offer cutting-edge machine learning techniques that help businesses solve major problems, enable data-driven decision making, and build cutting-edge business models. We create applications that are future-proof using techniques like computational intelligence, pattern matching, mathematical optimization, and algorithms that draw inspiration from nature. Utilize the computing and storage infrastructure necessary to accelerate deep learning and cloud work at any level.

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IT Solution

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Machine learning services for business enterprise

Our machine learning services provide advanced algorithms to assist organisations in addressing key business challenges, enabling data-driven decision-making, and developing innovative business models. We develop ML-powered applications for the future by employing techniques such as pattern recognition, computational intelligence, nature-inspired algorithms, and mathematical optimization.


How crawl magic benefits your cause?

We assist you in exploring the possibilities of machine learning for business growth and then developing cutting-edge solutions to fully utilise it. We have extensive experience implementing machine learning for anomaly detection, future forecasting, spam filtering, opinion reviews, product recommendations, and many other applications.

  • Improved Customer Segmentation
  • Lifetime Value Prediction that is Accurate
  • Simple Spam Detection
  • Improved Predictive Maintenance Efficiency

Why crawl magic is the best data providers?

Our machine learning services help businesses reduce costs, save time, automate operations, increase productivity, and improve efficiency. Choose us as your machine learning development partner to reap these and other benefits. We assist businesses in developing customised solutions that process large amounts of data and employ sophisticated algorithms to learn how to perform tasks on their own. Our machine learning-powered applications enable faster decision making, business process automation, increased productivity, and anomaly detection. Change the way data is collected, analysed, explained, and presented to uncover hidden opportunities.


Customer’s Awesome



Great Work Done by Crawlmagic team. We had a very good experience working with the Crawlmagic team and the people are very fast at work and have very good knowledge.

Vincent de Vos - Founder at Derigo Labs
Software Design Company

Crawl Magic Solutions developed a web scraping tool in Python for an online media company. They determined the project requirements and issues, created a proof-of-concept, and made a few iterations.

Managing Director - Eye Media Solutions Inc.
Web Scraping Tool Development for Online Media Company

Crawl Magic Solutions provides data extraction services for a web design and SEO agency. They're helping extract and transfer data from various websites for a third-party client.

Owner - Web Design & SEO Firm
Data Extraction for Web Design & SEO E-Property Company

It was great to work with them. They did the work expected with ease. Also, They met the hard deadline. I will definitely hire them again and again.

CEO - AutoScrappinng: Automation + Data Science
Software Development Company