Pricing Intelligence for Businesses

Crawl-Magic is the world's leading provider of price intelligence services. You must offer an appealing price to increase your sales and persuade your customers to choose you over your competitor. This is possible with a price monitoring service, which provides timely comparisons and analysis of your competitors' prices, deals, offers, and discounts. Pricing intelligence will also assist you in developing marketing and sales strategies.


Pricing intelligence

What is the first thing you look at when you find a product while shopping? Is it the seller's name? What are the product reviews? What about the delivery dates? You never consider these factors the first time you go shopping. Always look at the price first. If the price is within your budget, you should consider the other factors before purchasing.

The ability to track, monitor, and analyse competitor and market pricing data in order to make educated pricing decisions for your business is referred to as price intelligence. Data mining or other automated software solutions are frequently used to gather intelligence.

Benefits of pricing intelligence for e-commerce :

  • Assists the seller in increasing sales
  • Improves the performance of product searches
  • The customer is always happy.
  • Prevents the accumulation of old stock.
  • It promotes your brand and helps it grow.