Robotic process automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a subset of Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), which describes logic-driven software robots that perform pre-programmed rules on business data. Crawl-Magic productivity optimization is taken to a new level by reformulating work and reassigning human employees to higher-value tasks.


How Robotic Process Autoamtion is Beneficial with CrawlMagic?

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IT Solution

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Robotic process automation for business enterprise

Robotic process automation streamlines workflows, making organisations more profitable, flexible, and responsive. Employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity are increased by removing mundane tasks from their workdays.

RPA improves business outcomes such as customer satisfaction and enables competitive advantages by allowing humans to focus on their strengths: problem solving, process improvement, analysis, and other value-added work, resulting in higher employee engagement and new revenue opportunities.


How crawl-magic benefits your cause?

The use of robotic process automation improves business operations and outcomes. RPA provides immediate measurable business benefits, such as cost savings, increased accuracy, and faster delivery, and then continues to add value as it gains traction and spreads throughout the organisation.

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Why crawl-magic is the best data providers?

There is no rework and near-perfect compliance with 100% accuracy. RPA automation enables industries such as finance, healthcare, and life sciences to leverage the dependability of bots to meet stringent compliance standards. Robotic Procedure Accounting automation is enabling unprecedented levels of speed and precision in order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes.


Customer’s Awesome



Great Work Done by Crawlmagic team. We had a very good experience working with the Crawlmagic team and the people are very fast at work and have very good knowledge.

Vincent de Vos - Founder at Derigo Labs
Software Design Company

Crawl Magic Solutions developed a web scraping tool in Python for an online media company. They determined the project requirements and issues, created a proof-of-concept, and made a few iterations.

Managing Director - Eye Media Solutions Inc.
Web Scraping Tool Development for Online Media Company

Crawl Magic Solutions provides data extraction services for a web design and SEO agency. They're helping extract and transfer data from various websites for a third-party client.

Owner - Web Design & SEO Firm
Data Extraction for Web Design & SEO E-Property Company

It was great to work with them. They did the work expected with ease. Also, They met the hard deadline. I will definitely hire them again and again.

CEO - AutoScrappinng: Automation + Data Science
Software Development Company