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The advanced technology of Crawl Magic Solutions offers a reasonable way to collect fast and reliable web data at a large scale, converting unstructured data into a structured form and delivering complete and accurate datasets.

Let us demonstrate how Crawl Magic Solutions empowers you to leverage real-time competitor data and stay ahead of the competition. Experience the power of advanced price optimization software for accurate competitor benchmarking and confidently make informed pricing decisions.

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With our experts in product matching, we'll outline your product- matching idea, giving you control to rule out precisely what chooses an ideal match.

Depending on worldwide product identifiers like GTINs, MPNs, UPCs, and barcodes for automatically matching products are quick and affordable.

It's fundamentally blemished, and here's why.

If your product range contains individual-brand label products, unique packing, or premium brand exclusives, any usual approach won't get out of the gate.

If standard product identifiers are wrong or missing or competitors don't record their UPCs and GTINs, this tactic falls in the first phase for enterprise-scale and serious retailers.

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Product matching is a fundamentally tricky exercise.

Crawl Magic Solutions' customers have large and complex assortments having tight deadlines; therefore, product matching needs to be quick and scalable.

Though there is no need to rush to any wrong answer, product matching must be comprehensive. When other companies fail to succeed, Crawl Magic Solutions is a reliable partner, persistently doing product matching at scale.

With our experts in product matching, we'll outline your product- matching idea, giving you control to rule out precisely what chooses an ideal match.

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How does Crawl Magic Solutions' in-depth
product matching work?

When auto-matching fails, our professionals persistently make matches manually, analyzing what it needs to deal with your approved product matching idea. You can achieve compliance using two specialists, manual approval, and signing off in every match, refereed by senior partners to ensure that your product-matching idea is a sure shot!

Crawl Exhaustive product matching process

Therefore, what's the problem?

All high-performing retailers seeking high-quality standards understand that superiority isn't effortless.

Either you can continue with inferior accuracy and wonder what matches you're missing, or our customers make a mindful decision to take. At the same time, Crawl Magic Solutions' comprehensive product matching time for set-up is loaded front-end; when your philosophy is deployed in 2-3 months, accurate product matching and superior competitive pricing intelligence will become your crucial influence to achieving success.

Being an enterprise-scale retailer, superior product matching gives you confidence that your price intelligence is competitive!

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Scale on a Huge Canvas

There are no limits at Crawl Magic for total request to be served or number of records to get scraped.

Customize Completely

Crawl Magic platform gets configured in line with client’s precise requirements at all levels.

Domain Proficiency

We proudly serve small, medium, and large companies to Fortune 500 companies having ample amount of experience.

Guaranteed Quality

We provide guaranteed 99.9% accuracy consistently in web data scraping quality data.

No Blockages

We utilize multiple proxies, make suitable delays, as well as solves Captcha in actual time in web scraping and data extraction.


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What Our Client Says

Read our challenging Customer Case Studies and find out our solutions.